Advanced Medicinal Aromatherapist: Tresa Laferty

For two decades, I've immersed myself in the powerful world of essential oils, both in my personal and professional life. It was my beloved animal companions who led me to this enchanting realm of healing, where the scents of nature hold the keys to well-being.

As an accomplished medicinal aromatherapist, my passion lies in aiding others to create a nurturing, restorative, and secure experience for their animal kin.

I exclusively use & recommend Wisdom of the Earth essential oils.

What you can expect

This three-hour master class focuses on the art of aromatherapy and its potential benefits for animals.

Participants will gain insight into the practical application of essential oils to support their pets, leaving the class feeling empowered and confident in their ability to utilize this method.

Over 20 essential oils will be explored through inhalation and direct application, with a comprehensive handout provided that covers each "essence."

As a reminder, while the master class is centered on animal care, attendees should refrain from bringing their pets along.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Class Location

Healing Grounds Center, Cafe & Juicery

7510 288th Ave, Salem, WI 53168

Healing Grounds is a community healing space that allows hope, confidence, purpose, and authentic connection to develop, grow, and inspire.

They offer an abundance of personal services as well as a very popular Cafe & Juicery.

Visit them at: