Tresa Laferty, Course Director

A course for anyone traveling to dog events looking to stay healthy, vibrant, and “sound” while on the road.

I have been "running dogs" for nearly 25 years. When I lived in the suburbs of Chicago, I ran dogs all through the mid-west in flyball and agility. When we moved to a small farm in Southern Wisconsin, my true passion had room to grow and that is keeping sheep and border collies. I bring to the table a formal education of being an Ayurveda Pracitioner and an Instructor of for a state/nationally approved Ayurveda program.

The course teachings are based in the 5,000 year old holistic healing system from India: Ayurveda.

What the course includes

After registering, you receive your course "prep" link. It will be how to prepare, how this platform works, and foundation teachings.

Throughout the course, I will share proper diet, life-style adjustments and stress-management techniques to keep you healthy, focused and vibrant while you travel and trial your dogs. When you've completed the material, you will be able to:

  • Make food choices to keep you balanced while on the road
  • Navigate common problem areas of life on the road
  • Use tips/tricks on getting better sleep
  • Use tips/tricks to have more balanced “potty” habits
  • Use food & spices as your medicine to resolve common issues while traveling
  • Have a list of “must have’s” in equipment and tools
  • Have a shopping list of staple food and supplies

Healthy Potty Habits

This is a common complaint as handlers struggle to keep their OWN bathroom habits normalized. Irratic schedules create constipation. Stress/Nerves creates loose stools. Heavy "road" foods creates sluggish digestion. Creating healthy bathroom habits is a FOUNDATIONAL piece to our health, especially as you travel.


Using Food as Medicine is a foundational teaching of Ayurveda. This ancient look at food energetics goes beyond calorie counting, "diet" foods, and even has a customized approach to what foods YOU need to find balance. (Hint: it's not just to eat salads!)

Rest Well

Ayurveda has a deep and rich evening practice called ratricharya. It is how we prepare our mind and body to rest and rejuvenate. We have specific routines for the evening all directed at calming the mind and lulling the body into a deep, restful sleep.

Course Curriculum

  Happy Handler: Check in here
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  Eat, Go Potty, Settle
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Supporting the traveling trialer

Being on the road for hours, days, or even weeks can be a deeply depleting experience.

This course is full of tried, true, and tested tips to help keep you "running right" on the road. It gets an approving "sniff test" since I have assembled these teachings from what brings me balance with Ayurveda providing a deeply supportive structure.

My hope for you, is when you step to the post, you feel rested, clear-minded, and vibrant - ready to be sent "either way" to land in the sweet spot behind your packet of challenges.